NRC Grooms Party Reminder

Christmas is around the corner!! A reminder to book your groom in for the popular Annual Noordhoek Grooms Soccer Xmas party on 28th November, at the Noordhoek Riding Club Cost per groom is R180, which covers the cost of their Christmas Hamper and the braai. We are looking for people to sponsor team T-Shirts. So far "Noordhoek Village Tack Terrors" and Anna Antonsson’s "Team Nyhem" have sponsored team kit. The "Sleep Hollow Lane Rangers" are under negotiation! It’s a lot of fun and the guys have a ball!!! Booking, sponsorship etc, please contact Sharron Trueb-

Horsey First Aid Course

Let’s say you come home and find your horse injured. What do you do?
  1. Pretend you hadn’t seen it, turn around, and hope for better days.
  2. Invoke the gods and start praying.
  3. Scream. Then faint.
  4. Immediately fit an intravenous drip composed of liquefied 70% cocoa beans harvested under certified rainforest-friendly conditions in Ecuador mixed with last year’s bute leftovers (what is bute??) and a touch of pure alcohol (if available) or gin (if not).
  5. Or maybe you assess the situation and make sure that things don’t get worse, regardless of whether you are in a position to handle the situation by yourself or possibly need … Continue Reading ››

Sleepy Hollow Horse Riding Needs Your Help!

To all NRC Members, please read the letter below from Lisa Hare. If you are able to help by writing a letter please do so and send the letter directly through to Lisa at Dear friends and community I have received notice from the City of Cape Town to stop operating or register for a business licence. Sleepy Hollow’s land has been re-zoned and due to a complaint from a unpleasant neighbour I have to re-apply. This is a lengthy process and becomes very difficult if there is an objection. There will be an objection from the … Continue Reading ››

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